Nick Knight – Vogue 2000

This image was chosen to show a picture that was taken in a studio or with controlled lighting.

We chose our picture from Vogue April 2000 edition from a selection of images taken by Nick Knight entitled “Slip Stream” to advertise clothing by Genny.

The image was chosen as we really liked the way it was lit from behind, which indicated it was shot in the studio using staged light. We were also drawn to the posture and body language of the model, the way she is on her toes and her body appears very fluid almost as if she is being pulled and drawn by the fabric of the dress. We also enjoyed the movement in the fabric and the lines it created to draw your eye along the picture towards the model. We feel like the colour of the material being orange makes you feel warm and happy and staged in the manner creates an illusion of the sunset. This images was taken by Nick Knight who is an award winning fashion photographer. He is very current and almost certainly one of the best Fashion and Advertising photographer of our generation.

VOGUE – April 2000 Page 214

VOGUE – April 2000 Page 214

VOGUE – April 2000 Page 214


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