Intimate Lives

Is it OK to bring a personal Family Album out into the general Public which were probably really only taken as “Personal Use”?

Should we be taking images out of those albums of things that are not really meant for public consumption?

Personally i think it depends on the person they are of and is your own preference. Anything could be conceived as “Art” nowadays, put a chair a certain way around or with something on it and place it into an art gallery and it becomes “ART”! Tracey Emin has been made famous partly by her possibly “Off the wall” art, reanimating and showcasing her bedroom in all its gory glory in the Tate was classed as art and because she put it out there and made it public, as opposed to behind closed doors for only her or her guests eyes, made this art and so the same thing could be said for a family picture initially only taken as a memento for the family, a reminder of a special occasion if it is put out there in a public forum and people are willing to pay to see it it can and will be classed as art and acceptable to that person.


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