Are we becoming or in fact, already become desensitised to young Celebrities scandalous actions and provocative on stage!

Women and especially sexy women have been used to “Sell” products for many years. They are used not only to tell people about a product but to sell a dream or fantasy! “If you buy this product you to will become sexy and popular! Even to the extent of selling very unromantic and less attractive products like washing up liquid!

We have all become so aware and really gotten used to seeing this side of advertising that when a celebrity does something on tv or a picture os taken and published of them doing something it actually becomes the norm rather than shocking or outrageous.

When Miley Cyrus wanted to break away from that “Disney Image” of Hannah Montana she felt it necessary to go to an extreme and try the shock factor, she wanted to break the rules and show she wasn’t confined to the childhood image that had been created by Disney.

When she was 14 Annie Leibovitz took some images of her which were per sieved as too sexy and provocative for her age and under the terms of her contract with Disney were frowned upon, however if you see the full range of images it was actually quite harmless and her parents were both present and consenting to the photo’s.ImageImageImage


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