Copyright and Model release Forms

When creating an image or in fact anything in an artistic way, you need to ensure you Copyright it. This can easily be done through Lightroom or Photoshop.

As soon as you upload an image onto the internet, it can be viewed, used and even “stolen” and nothing can be done about it if you have not copyrighted your image. Marking your work ensures that those accessing your images are clear that copyright exists and that they know who to contact to obtain permission for its use.

Model release forms

An individual has certain rights to control the use of their image. The specific are to protect a person against defamatory or offensive use of their image. When using a model for an image, it is important to ensure both the photographer and the model know what the purpose of the image is for, what it will be used for, e.g. advertising etc and for what length of time these privileges are granted. It is also important to specify what payment is bing made and what the covers. If it states payment is for an advertising campaign for a specific brand but it later gets used for another brand, then the model could be entitled to further payment.

If you intend to sell or distribute images that include people, then you should always ensure your subjects sign a model release form as this will protect you against any comeback.


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