Interview With Medical Illustrator

Dear Jenny

I think I forgot to do this for you. Hope it’s not too late (answers below). Use it any way you like.

Best wishes,


Jerry Nayler

Head of Media Studio | Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust | Box 151 | Biomedical Campus | Hills Road | Cambridge CB2 0QQ | +44 (0)1223 216417 |

Dear Jerry,

Thank you so much for your reply and agreeing to answer a few questions to assist me in my professional practice module. Could you please also confirm you are happy for me to put this information onto my blog as this is how we are being assessed? If not, I will just add it in but keep it private viewing only for my lecturer.

I thought it would be easier to ask the questions by email which would allow you to answer them in your own time when you get a space five minutes, so here goes!

How did you first get involved in Medical Photography?

Applied for a post advertised in the BJP, after doing some work placements at a London hospital.

What is your current role within this field?

Head of a 20-strong department, which includes 8 medical photographers.

Are you also a photographer of other styles such as landscape or fashion?


Have you worked in other areas of photography through your career?

My first job was in the Physics Department of a University. Since then I’ve stayed in the medical field.

What kind of training and qualifications did you get and where did you study?

I did the City & Guilds 3-year Photographic Technician’s Certificate, then the 1-year BIPP Basic Certificate in Medical Photography, The 18-month BIPP Higher Cert in Medical Photography, got an Associateship of IMI and the BIPP, did the 3-year MSc course in Medical Illustration at Cardiff, did the IMI Diploma and have done a fair number of short courses and workshops.

Would you consider this to be the best job you have ever had?


Do you have any mistakes you feel you have made with regards to your career path or did you follow a goal and achieve it?

I had general goals and have achieved them, by and large. I did this partly by moving to new jobs and not being content to stay in one place waiting for opportunities to arise.

Whats the best advice anyone has ever given to you or that maybe you feel important to give to others?

Peter Hansell used to say ‘get three things out of everything you do’.  So, for example, you might write up a project for an exam, but it might include photos you can put in for IMI Awards, or you could publish the work in J Viscomm, give a presentation at conference, add some work to your portfolio, etc.

Is there anything in particular about becoming a medical Photographer that you feel everyone going into this field should know beforehand?

It won’t make you rich.

What would you say was your biggest achievement that your most proud of?

My department won the Platinum Award two years running, which characterised the progress we were making toward becoming among the best I the country.

Lastly, what is your favourite part of this job?

The range and variety of work and the way that no two six-month periods in my 38-year career have been the same.


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