Creative Choices

Pursuing a creative career means a lot to me. It means i can choose what i would like to do,  i can base my creativity on my mood or my knowledge or experiences and also bring out the creative in others.

I enjoy being given a guideline or brief on a subject and taking to my own level. By being photographer you can express yourself creatively but really must understand that in the end we, or at the very least I, am in this for the money! I don’t want to be massively rich but i would like to be able to have a career i am passionate about while also making a living. You need to continually evolve and grow, expand on your current knowledge and use it to your advantage.

When taking on a task it is important to think about a few things:

What am going to achieve from this?

Will this make me money?

Will this generate additional work?


About jenjenmarie

Creating images through photography!
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