Personal Best

OK, so going through my images and cannot actually find anything that i would consider to be my “Personal Best” since starting out this year, i have developed and learnt so much that Images i really liked before i thought were good strong images are really not up to the high standard i have set myself and would call “best” in anyway.

I have so many ideas and images i want to create but finding it rather difficult to actual get models to turn up when agreed.

My idea was to create some images of Dancers in various “Locations” around the south west in poses. I can find plenty of people willing to do this in Bournemouth but its a matter of finding the time when I am there and they are available and of course when the weather permits.

This is something i will continue to capture as i feel this could be a great challenge for myself and test my location photography.


Som inspiration from Kevin Radford:

Kevin Radford

Kevin Radford

RD_RX_beachballetQ_v1_LR RD_RX_danceK_v1_LR RD_RX_jumpingJ_v1_LR


I love the silhouette images, really accentuates the posture and poise of the dancer, very beautiful images, the kind of photo i could see being made into a photograph to hand on your wall, very serene and calming but that might be due to my personal feelings regarding ballet, reminding me of when i was a child and doing ballet at school.

I would like to play around with some shallow depth of field on my images and especially like the one here with the skirt fading out at the bottom which might be a combination of shallow dof and also movement.





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