Personal Best – Cat Photography

I wanted to look at how other photographers had captured images of cats. I love how they captured images of what can actually be a rather tricky subject due to the inquisitive nature of a cat and the playfulness of a kitten.

I came across Hause Pantherwhich is a magazine for “Cat People” and an entry from Susan Weingartner, she does a questions and answers about her photography of cats which is actually really interesting and quite funny. I wanted to not only photograph my cat but also experiment with some different styles of lighting and shooting with different lenses. With my cat, her nose is the first thing she puts into contact with you. I particularly loved this image:

Susan Weingartner

Susan Weingartner

I loved the clarity of the image, the way it has been shot and the lighting used almost makes the cat seem Wild.

When photographing cats, due to the highly reflective eyes, flash isn’t really an option unless that is the effect you are going for, however i wasn’t.


Susan Weingartner

Susan Weingartner

Susan Weingartner

Susan Weingartner


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