Personal Best – Final Image

This image again is from my most recent photography and so i feel is my strongest. I really love using prime lenses as i feel it gives a huge amount of clarity. This photo was shot using a 105 macro lens, F8 and using a combination of tungsten lighting for the subject and natural lighting in the background to give the blue glow. I am a little obsessed about this style of lighting now i have learnt it and wanted to test it out in my own time which is how this image came about. I especially asked him to sit in the window of our dining room as we have a large sailing boat which Chris made on the window seal which really adds an interest into this portrait. Nobody else would probably notice this and certainly wouldn’t know the significance of the boat or the sails but for me it gives the image some depth and character.

When i shot this image, i didn’t think i would use it as a final image mainly because i was just testing out the lighting technique i had just learnt but once i was looking through the images on the computer i really liked this one.

Tungsten and natural Lighting macro lens

Tungsten and natural Lighting macro lens


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