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I ended up choosing an image of my cat as felt like my most recent work was my strongest.

I used a macro lens to shoot this image and also a 150w tungsten light. As the cats eyes are very reflective, a flash would have ruined this image. I wanted to experiment with using macro lens for portraiture as i love the details on the focal point making the image stand out. Some people might not like this image as i have not got the whole of the cats head in the shot but thats part of photographing animals, they move.

As well as wanting to experiment with macro portraiture, i was also using a combination of tungsten lighting and natural lighting and then to add to this i am really interested in Photography with motion. The cat was moving and licking her lips in this shot. The fact the shot is set to one side and the shallow depth of field for me really makes this a strong image. Pixie



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