Personal Best

For me, “Personal Best” is a work in progress and so summarising and creating a PDF of 12 of those images right now was actually more of a challenge than i realised.

I could do a shoot and find i only like 3 images or i could do another shoot and realise i pretty much like the majority of what i have captured.

I like the idea of capturing images rather spontaneously but also find the issue with this would be having the right lighting available for what i’d like the image to ultimately say.

I have now run out of time to create my “Dancers” shoot but will still continue to follow leads and source someone for this shoot in my own time.

For my final 12 images i have a variety of locations and settings, these include Landscape, Portraiture, Weddings animals with studio lighting and still life.

I have used a variety of lighting including Natural, Tungsten and flash. I have also used a variety of lenses and DOFPersonal Best Jenny Ghermoul


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